Autogas: School Buses

Buses fueled by propane autogas are providing long-term savings for school districts and private contractors alike as school transportation budgets continue to shrink. Conventional and other alternative fuels cannot deliver a similar commitment.

LESS EXPENSIVE FUEL  Mile for mile, propane autogas costs less than gasoline and diesel. School districts and private contractors can also benefit from federal and state government fuel tax credits — on top of an already affordable fuel.

BusesLOWER MAINTENANCE COSTS  Thanks to the dependable, clean-burning performance of propane autogas in school buses, school districts and private contractors will enjoy lower maintenance costs. Propane autogas engines require less oil by volume than diesel, no additional filters, and no costly emission fluids, leaving more dollars to be spent in the classroom, and less on the way there and back.

THE REFUELING STATIONS  Refueling with propane autogas is quick, quiet, and safe. It’s the same experience as refueling with diesel or gasoline, making the transition easy for school districts.